What is Wallibou?  Let's start with "Where is Wallibou?"  Wallibou used to be a village on the Northwest coast of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, in the Caribbean Sea.  Unfortunately for Wallibou, it is located at the base of La Soufriere, the island's active stratovolcano.  With eruptions dating from 2300 B.C., to most recently in 1979, Wallibou is now more a geographical area than a village or town.  However, what Wallibou lacks in population, it more than makes up for it in splendor.  St. Vincent's most popular natural wonders, as well as a few secret ones are centered around Wallibou.

The main road on St. Vincent does not encircle the island.  On the Atlantic side, it ends at the northern tip in the village of Fancy.  On the Caribbean side, it ends at Richmond.  If you were to continue north on foot, you would immediately cross a river (The Wallibou River), and upon reaching the other side, be in Wallibou, a good five miles SSW of Fancy, on the leeward side.  Here, there are no roads, just possibilities!


So, "What is Wallibou?"  Good question.  I don't know what I'm going to do with this site yet.  Ultimately, this would be the future site of a very simple eco-tourism site, catering to those who want to see what God's work looked like before the humans moved in.  As it will be a few years before that happens, I figured I could go ahead and secure the domain, and put something up.  It's all about the infrastructure.


So, for now, the site will simply show some of the interesting things in and around Wallibou.  There are a few pictures on this site's Gallery page, as well as a few links to other sites that are relevant to the area.  Wallibou is unspoilt Caribbean.  If you are looking for five-star resorts with steel drum bands and umbrellas in the drinks, try Young Island or Buccament Bay.  If you are looking for wild rivers emptying out on black sand beaches and stunning natural vistas, give Wallibou a visit.  If you can stay a while, check out Richmond Vale Diving and Hiking Center.  Jesper & Stina will take good care of you.



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